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Nancy Coletti Biography

With the release of her CD Black Coffee Nancy Coletti’s passion for music and singing is not only manifested in her sultry Jazz vocal and signature scat on this album, but also unmistakable in her skilled approach to performing Blues, Pop, and Contemporary repertoire. Author, Dr. Steve Marcone of "Managing Your Band" writes "Nancy is at home in a variety of styles. Open up the American Songbook and put your finger on a title. She'll do it justice. Listen to her scat on "Route 66" or her interpretation of the R&B staple "Straighten Up ...." or the soulfulness of "Come Rain ...."The woman can sing (!) and with this album she surrounds herself with a great east coast cast. Give it a listen, she won't disappoint you." Her versatility has enabled her to perform in such renowned venues as the Bitter End, The Duplex and Don’t Tell Mama in NYC, the Stone Pony, State Theatre of NJ and Count Basie Theatre, as well as, Bethlehem Musikfest, the nations largest music festival, and legendary Jazz club Deer Head Inn, Delaware Water Gap, PA.

As a seasoned studio musician, Nancy has had the honor and privilege of working with Tony Bennett and credited as Assistant Musical Director to KidsAmerica children’s choir on Tony Bennett’s CD “The Playground”. Nancy’s flawless singing on “Believe” Original Soundtrack for Sea World theme parks can be heard on three separate tracks throughout this album: "Call of the Sea", "Something Far Greater", and "Believe Walkout".

The 911 tribute CD "Flight Across America" features Nancy’s powerhouse vocals on the title track “Voice of Freedom” written by composer, arranger, producer Edward B. Kessel of Sound Imagination. As a follow up the moving video “Voice of Freedom - A 9/11 Tribute” was produced for the ten year anniversary and can be found on YouTube honoring the many victims of 9/11. Nancy’s poignant and atmospheric singing is also heard throughout the Lifetime Movie Channel film “Prayers for Bobby” scored by California composer, arranger, producer Christopher Ward of Westward Film Music.

Nancy’s ability to sing varied art forms is attributed to constant training based on solid classical technique. As a vocal stylist her influences include an array of artists; Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Julie London, Aretha Franklin, Susan Tedeschi, Bonnie Raitt, Mel Torme, Bobby Darin, Petulla Clark, and Tony Bennett just to name a few. When Nancy is not in recording studios working as a session singer she spends her time coaching aspiring singers and working with other professional singers in the art and technique of vocal performance.  

Born to sing anything Nancy is one of those rare vocalists who can seamlessly cross over to many different musical genres, but her heart and soul is forever moved by music of the Great American Songbook. This is clear and evident on her album Black Coffee with timeless classics such as "Route 66" and "My Funny Valentine". As she continues to perform live and wow audiences of all kinds, Nancy’s vocal interpretation and signature Jazz style is a performance you don’t want to miss!  


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    January 24, 2011 8:44 pmPosted 13 years ago
    Lucy Horton

    Loved your performance at the Deer Head Inn! Really “in the pocket” from beginning to end. I look forward to seeing you in more Pennsylvania venues!

    • January 27, 2011 2:00 pmPosted 13 years ago
      Nancy Coletti (Author)

      A pleasure to meet you and so great of you to come out and catch my performance at the Deer Head Inn. With guys like Skip Wilkins, Paul Rostock and Bill Goodwin a gal cant go wrong singing with this trio behind her. Cant wait to do it again!

  • June 20, 2011 6:55 amPosted 13 years ago
    Cid Citarelli (Author)

    One of the most enjoyable & relaxing evenings we’ve had in a long time. You are as professional as they come & have one of the most natural voices I’ve heard. Wished we hadn’t lost contact over the pssed years, but that’s the way it goes. Again, I’m not blowing smoke at you, but you are something else. You have been blessed with one heck of a voice. Stay in touch.

  • January 18, 2013 9:37 amPosted 11 years ago
    shirley hartman

    Listening to you was a wonderful experience. Heard you at the Hotel Bethlehem and looking forward to your next gig.
    Love your scat singing!
    Thank you

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    June 10, 2013 5:20 amPosted 11 years ago
    Loretta Cuccio

    WOW! My friend Michelle and I were so deeply moved by your performance on Saturday.

    Thanks for such a beautiful execution of a touching song and lovely music throughout the Confirmation celebration: we are so blessed!

    Loretta and fam

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    March 24, 2017 6:57 amPosted 7 years ago
    John Maresca

    We loved the groove of it all at the Deer Head Inn, as well as Judy Palma’s wonderful playing! And I so much admire your ability, Steve Beskrone, to just come in on a gig cold with little or no rehearsal and play as beautifully as you did. My humble admiration goes out to all three of you for providing my fiancee and I such a wonderful evening and musical experience.

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    November 9, 2018 3:10 pmPosted 5 years ago
    Rex Roberts

    An exhilarating performance Thursday night at the Hotel Bethlehem … three soulful sets with an inspired selection of classic jazz numbers and popular song. Nancy is a superb vocalist and the venue is terrific … reminded me of the best of New York when New York had affordable (and comfortable) jazz clubs. Looking forward to hearing you again soon.


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